Race Recap: Brad Keselowski wins at Atlanta

Well, that race is a great example of why it’s NEVER over until it’s over. I think DW put it best when he tweeted “don’t start handing out the hats until they all cross the checkered.”

Kevin Harvick absolutely dominated the entire race. The 4 car lead all but 17 laps up until late in the going when Harvick sped on pit road during the final round of pit stops. A near perfect day absolutely wasted.

The 4 was stuck in the back of the pack as Keselowski worked his way past Kyle Larson fr the win. Harvick ended up finishing ninth in the running order. Let’s clean the rest up…

-That race was absolutely boring. Harvick easily won the first two stages, and if it weren’t for the rule changes to implement the stages there wouldn’t have been a caution for the first 200 laps of this race. Brutal. Mile-and-a-half’s, man…

-Once again we see a driver being rewarded for performance throughout the entire race with this new points system. Even though Harvick blew it at the end, he still got good points for his dominant performance.

-Should they re-pave Atlanta? Yes or no? I can’t figure it out. We just witnessed two straight years of going “caution free” for 200+ laps. I’m not so sure that’s exciting racing for the average viewer. The racing at Atlanta sure is loose and fast, I’m just not sure it’s very exciting.

-Good for Brad to recover from a late race issue of his own to grab his first win of 2017.

On to Las Vegas.


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