Race Recap: Ryan Reed wins second Xfinity race at Daytona

Well, that was exciting… and long… very, very long. Roush driver Ryan Reed held off Cup regulars Brad Keselowski and Kasey Kahne to score his second victory at Daytona in the Xfinity Series. As mentioned above, the race was incredibly long due to two massive crashes early in the race that resulted in red flags. Let’s clean it all up…

-NASCAR will have to do some tweaking to the Xfinity restrictor plate package when it comes to rear downforce. It seemed like cars were getting loose and turned even when the bump drafting was square. Unfortunately, that’s what took out Elliott Sadler, who won the first two stages, gathering vital championship stage points despite the accident.

-Thank God for SAFER barriers. They saved Brandon Jones’ life today. With all of NASCAR’s advancements in safety over the past 16 years, there haven’t been many times where I’ve held my breath in fear after a crash. Today, I was incredibly afraid after Jones got turned and hit the wall head-on, resulting in a massive wreck that took out many good cars.


It looked eerily similar to another infamous crash in that part of the track… Just a terrifying hit. Thank Goodness that Jones and everyone else were ok.

-The stage points system is already doing its job. First, it’s providing action early in the race. Second, it’s rewarding driver performance throughout the whole race (Sadler).

-This was one of the most unique races I’ve ever watched. There were two huge crashes and two lengthy red flags… all before reaching the 30 lap mark. It seemed like every single car had some form of damage on it. One of those cars was eventual race winner Ryan Reed. His 16 was involved in two separate wrecks, had a patchwork of dents and tape, and still won the dang thing!

-An incredibly exciting race, despite its length. Don’t expect such a crash-fest tomorrow.

-Side note: “Powershares QQQ 300” is the WORST race name of all time. Brutal hashtag.


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